The Ebola Virus is not being blamed for the death of a 63-year old American who dies aboard flight from Nigeria to New York’s JFK Airport, despite the scary events surrounding said passenger’s death.

The 63-year old man, whose name has yet to be released, died on the flight after vomiting profusely in his seat.  The flight was coming from Lagos in Nigeria, which is not currently an Ebola hot bed.

Upon landing in New York City, flight attendants alerted the Center for Disease Control.  The CDC boarded the flight, along with Port Authority officials, in order to perform “cursory” tests on the body of the man to determine if Ebola was responsible.  Their preliminary tests showed that the Ebola virus was not to blame.  During the tests, the door to the Arik Air passenger plane, which held 145 passengers, was left open.

Republican Congressman Peter King voiced his opinions on the handling of the test aboard Arik Air, wiring a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, claiming there are not enough checks in place prior to the screening tests which were performed on the passenger who died.  “But their concern was, how could you tell so quickly?” continued King in his letter to Homeland Security.  “And what adds to the concern is how wrong the CDC has been over the past few weeks.”

King has been vocal regarding The White House’s management of the Ebola outbreak.  He tweeted on Tuesday, “POTUS should suspend travel to US from W Africa & visas to citizens of W Africa nations until we get clearer analysis of Ebola transmission.”

A total of 4,493 people have died from the Ebola virus in Liberia, where the outbreak is most severe.  Nigeria, the country in which the Arik Air passenger jet was traveling, is 1,000 miles away from Liberia.  Nigeria has had 19 confirmed cases of the Ebola virus since March, but no new cases in a few months.

[photo credit: wings777 via photopin cc]