Ebola Pranks Can Get You Arrested

Pulling off a prank involving the Ebola epidemic can get you arrested. The FBI is currently tracking down a man in Los Angeles who started a panic with an Ebola joke

A man wearing a surgical mask over his face boards a bus in LA, with a woman, and claims he has Ebola. During the ride, he throws the mask on the floor, and leaves the bus with the woman.

The Ebola virus is not airborne, and no cases have been found in California so far. Nonetheless, this situation is not being taken lightly, seeing that it is a worldwide epidemic.

The bus has been evacuated due to the Ebola scare, and hazmat personal have been called upon to clean it. The bus driver has been taken to a hospital to undergo tests, and the bus is currently out of service.

The bus driver has shown no signs of illness, but will not return to his job for another two weeks because of safety procedures.

Even if it is a tasteless prank, the incident will cost the city thousands of dollars to look into.

Spokesperson of the Los Angles Metro Marc Littman has this to say about the Ebola bus prank:

“Assuming this is a hoax, if people think it’s funny to do something like this, they’re not going to think it’s funny when they are arrested and prosecuted. It’s very disruptive to people’s lives and costs taxpayers thousands of dollars.”

The FBI is treating the search for the man like he’s a criminal threat, or a terrorist. They are still searching for the Ebola prankster in LA.

The nation views the Ebola epidemic as a serious case, as it should be. The virus has taken over 4,000 lives all over the world.

Be careful if you plan on playing an Ebola prank on someone, you just may end up getting arrested.