Oreo introduced a vending machine at SXSW this week that creates a custom Oreo cookie for you while you wait – and get this: it’s based on Hashtags that trend on Twitter.

Yes, now you can literally Eat The Tweet.

The customer chooses from a touch-screen display of trending hashtags and watches as their choice is transformed into a cookie. The machine creates the Oreo before your eyes, using a technique akin to 3D printing, but more like just a machine making something before your eyes.

EatTheTweet Screen shot from Oreos’ Twitter Stream

Calling it their “Trending Vending Lounge”, Oreo set up shop in Austin at the famed SXSW conference and asked people to use the hashtag #EatTheTweet once they’d had their Oreo. The vending machine was accompanied by a Milk Bar, of course, and some of the “flavors” produced this week included: #CookieCoin and #SXSW.

Oreo has long been an exemplary user of Twitter and social media, and this seems to be no exception.

All reports indicate the cookies were their usual tasty selves.