The always outspoken Robertson family, made famous by A&E’s Duck Dynasty, has said another outlandish thing about the current state of America. Alan Robertson, son of family patriarch Phil, claims he cannot tell if he’s living in The United States or Nazi Germany.

In an interview with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Robertson slammed subpoenas issued for Houston anti-gay pastors whose sermons violate Houston’s new LGBT non-discrimination ordinance. “When I first heard about this and when you and I talked, I was just like, is this 2014 America or is this 1930s Germany that we’re living in? I mean, it was shocking and appalling,” Robertson said.

According to the interview, “The lawyers who issued the subpoenas were independent attorneys working pro bono for the city, and Mayor Annise Parker announced Wednesday that the subpoenas would be withdrawn. The subpoenas sparked conservative outrage, with Fox News and Ted Cruz denouncing them as assaults on religious liberty.”

Perkins shifted the interview to the Robertson family and their recent controversial statements about homosexuality, and when asked if he and his family are hate fueled, Robertson said his family “is completely filled with love for folks.”

“Which is why we continue to tell the truth, who God is, and what he wants from us as a people,” Robertson continued. Later in the interview, Robertson mentioned “the evil one” is trying to shroud the truth. It is unsure who “the evil one” might be in this context.

Alan Robertson’s dad Phil Robertson made headlines last year when he compared homosexuality to beastiality and said gay people were like “drunks” and terrorists.” A&E subsequently suspended filming Duck Dynasty.

[photo credit: wyliepoon]