A drunk black bear in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, caused quite the scene this week when he ate a bunch of fermented apples, caught a buzz, and then went rummaging for a snack.

The drunken bear was spotted on a resident’s front porch at approximately 6 a.m. and then continued to move throughout the neighborhood for several more hours. The bear was chose by numerous rubber bullets, yet continued to chase after conservation officers.

The buzzed black bear also couldn’t be subdued with pepper spray and ended up causing the lock down of a local school.

Perhaps succumbing to its drunken stupor, the black bear eventually passed out in a blackberry bush.

News of the drunk black bear arrives just days after a Canada Post employee was unable to deliver mail because of a bear sitting in front of a customers door.

If you live in British Colombia I would suggest being on the lookout for a roaming gang of bears, I’m pretty sure they are working together to terrorize B.C. residents.

I am happy to report that conservation officers did not have to use any real bullets to take the bear down. It also doesn’t appear that the bear managed to grab any human food, an offense that could have officials talking about putting the bear down to avoid future run-ins with the animal.

Conservation officers are asking that anyone living near black bears be sure to secure any food sources that could attract them to the area.