Donald Trump has moved on from just tossing out protestors and reporters he doesn’t like. Now he’s moving on to children, as well. At a rally in Northern Virginia on Tuesday, a mother’s baby began to cry while Trump was talking about China. She tried to soothe the baby and was reported to be visibly stressed out by the crying. Trump continued to talk before eventually directing a comment her way not to worry about the baby crying. He then went on to say how much he loves babies and — no, seriously — it wasn’t a big problem.

A minute later, he made a “cut” motion and said, “I was only kidding; you can get the baby out of here.”

As the mother was making her way out, Trump made remarks implying that his previous comments to her were nothing but sarcasm, saying, “I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I’m speaking. People don’t understand.”

Twitter Reacts to Donald Trump Kicking a Baby Out

Twitter was full of jokes.

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