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Disney’s First Trailer For ‘Big Hero 6’ Introduces Its Plushy New Character

When thinking of a robot movie one doesn’t typically imagine this squishy creature who looks like a mix between the snowman monster from Ghostbusters and the adipose from Doctor Who. However Disney delights again with it’s virtually silent, new official trailer release of their upcoming movie Big Hero 6. The idea is loosely based off of a virtually unknown comic book series of the same title, but it’s really the stylistic ideas of manga gone Disney.

Disney has excelled in the past with turning seemingly boring and regular objects into unforgettable characters we fall in love with (i.e. Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Toy Story) and by the adorable squishy sounds and the cute, blank face of this plushy robot, it’s clear this movie will be no exception. The movies centers around a robotics prodigy named Hiro Hamada living in the fictional, high-tech city of San Fransokyo, AKA San Francisco meets Tokyo. The adorable robot in this movie is named Baymax and it’s assumed these characters are the two beginnings of an inevitable crime-fighting team of 6. With later trailers the other members of this team will most likely be revealed along the way.

Baymax, robot character in Disney’s Big Hero 6

With the voice talents of Josh Hutcherson, Samuel L Jackson, Freddie Highmore, and Maya Rudolph (just to name a few), this movie is bound to be extremely interesting to say the least. The movie will be released on November 7th, 2014. Disney never fails to impress with their creative takes on popular concepts and if this trailer is any indication this movie is going to be insanely adorable with a marshmallow-y robot that’s already starting to work it’s way into our hearts.

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