Devon Still and Lauren Hill On Instagram-1

On Tuesday morning, Devon Still visited a teenage basketball player Lauren Hill who has terminal brain cancer.

The Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle’s 4-year-old daughter, Leah, has Stage 4 neuroblastoma. Notably, the Bengals sold Still’s jersey to raise money for pediatric cancer in honor of Leah, and they have raised over $400,000 for the cause.

Lauren Hill is a freshman at Mount Saint Joseph University. She practices with the basketball team and hopes to play in one college basketball game.

Hill was diagnosed the fall of her senior year after she had committed to playing college ball, which was always her dream. Her brain tumor is inoperable and an MRI last month revealed that it had grown much since the diagnosis. Her doctors told her to get everything settled in her life because she probably won’t make it past December.

The two inspirational sports figures met at Hill’s campus after her basketball practice to exchange jerseys and pose for pictures. They talked about their experiences with cancer for more than 40 minutes. Still called Hill’s strength “beyond inspirational.” He said their jersey exchange was one of the most memorable trades he will ever have.

Hill’s motto is “Never give up” while Devon Still’s has been the famous “Still Strong” for his daughter. Still struggles with the pain that his daughter and best friend has life-threatening cancer, but he takes inspiration from people like Lauren and the many people who have supported Leah and him.

Here’s a full video of Lauren Hill’s story and information about her “One Last Game,” which is scheduled for Nov. 2. The original date of Mount Saint Joseph’s season opener against Hiram College was Nov. 15, but it was moved up to make sure Lauren could play her first college basketball game.

Devon Still’s Instagram photo said not to miss Lauren’s story, so make sure you don’t and watch below!