DeShawn Jackson, Terrell Owens, Dwight Freeney, and other NFL players recently sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to make fun of themselves in Kimmel’s popular Mean Tweets segment.

Jackson, along with Dashon Goldson, Dez Bryant, and Keyshawn Johnson, participated in the reoccurring sketch which asks famous people to read really mean tweets about their own lives.

Mean Tweets can include anything from the state of a players athleticism, to comments about their bad tweet, breath, or even a silly haircut.

The Mean Tweets NFL segment even features an appearance from Fox sportscasters Erin Andrews.

The official Jimmy Kimmel YouTube page includes the following description for the video:

“NFL players seem to be tough, but they’re also human. Sometimes sports fans lose sight of that. In the old days, you’d yell things at players on the field, now we post nasty comments on twitter. We collected some of those nasty comments and put them all together for a special NFL edition of Mean Tweets.”

How do you think DeShawn Jackson and his NFL counterparts did with their Mean Tweets reading?