Wow! I have to admit that I was really disappointed in tonight’s episode of “The Voice” There were A LOT of already almost-famous people. A lot of musicians that have already had a chance with recording albums, opening for huge names, etc. I was craving something different and someone that had a story that sounded something like, “I love music. I can sing. I am waiting to be discovered.” And then Ddendyl Hoyt walked onto the stage in an adorable polka dot dress singing, “Stand By Me.” What am amazing twist on an already incredible song. You know what else I loved? That her back story was all about music. It was about how she inherited an eclectic music taste from her father. Her story didn’t make me sad, it made me smile. In case you missed it:

What a sweet and unique voice. She is very different than all the other contestants on the show so far. So why only one chair turn? Clearly Shakira had all the brains tonight. The guys really missed their mark here. Ddendyl could easily be, “The Voice.” She reminded me a lot of Norah Jones, before Norah Jones tried to go too unique and funky with her sound. Ddendyl has a voice that you just don’t hear often. A sweet lounge singer sound. Which makes sense that she is a lounge singer in DC right now.

I would buy Ddendyl Hoyt’s album at this very minute and add it to my play list of “Mellow Music That Makes Me Happy.” I love her sound and I think that America is going to fall in love with her throughout this competition. The Twitter-verse was already reacting to Ddenyl tonight:

Not only do I really, really hope that Ddendyl stays true to her sound during the competition, but wouldn’t everyone love to see her and her dad on stage together? I mean.. how cute is her dad? He has that sweet kilt, and the bag pipes.. and he plays other instruments that I can honestly say I have only ever heard of in association with Zelda. That can only mean they could make some killer unique music together.

Alright, Ddendyl Hoyt, let’s see what you’ve got! I think based on only one chair turning tonight, it’s safe to say she’s an underdog in this competition. Do NOT underestimate Ddendyl and her sound. I really want to see her get deep into the competition. Even if she doesn’t become, “The Voice,” when can I buy her album?

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