A spontaneous dance party, prompted by social artist Peter Sharp, broke out on a commuter train in Freemantle, Western Australia.

Sharp’s mission in life is to inspire people to connect with each other. His experiment on the video below seems to have been a resounding success.

He boarded the train, dressed as Daniel Craig’s James Bond in Casino Royale, and told his captive audience: “Hey guys, I don’t want money. I just want to spread a little bit of happiness.”

With that, he announced his intentions.

“I’m going to do that today by starting a small dance party, okay?” he said. “Now, I’m doing this because we are all amazing individuals and we all have a story to tell. We all have something to share. So, as a way of breaking that ice, I’m going to start a small dance party.”

He invited members of his audience to join. Alternatively, he said, they could just sit and clap.

He played James Brown’s I Feel Good on his portable player so that it could be clearly heard throughout the entire car. He started dancing up and down the aisle, while being filmed by apparently hidden cameras that showcased his dance moves.

Soon after, his spirit became contagious and others on the train joined in. At the next stop, more passengers boarded and also became part of the dance party.

The whole thing is a lot of fun to watch. Check out the dance party on the video below.