Nothing is safe from the pumpkin spice craze—yes, even cold medicine. That’s right, cough drops are now part of the wacky seasonal obsession and while some people are now eagerly awaiting their first autumn cold, others can’t help but feel sick even thinking about the uniquely-flavored lozenge.

The orange, pumpkin spice-flavored cough drops were first spotted by junk food Instagram page, Candy Hunting. “I’m pretty sure the sole reason why I’ve had a sore throat since Friday is that my immune system wants me to buy these CVS pumpkin spice cough drops,” they wrote earlier this week. “Well immune system, it’s not happening. Menthol and pumpkin sound horrible together.”

Of course, cough drops are far from the first odd item to be given a pumpkin spice twist. Other things in the trend include Peeps, Oreos, pudding, hand soap and even deodorant. According to Cosmopolitan, the pumpkin spice cough drops are available for a limited time in CVS stores nationwide for $1.70 per bag. Just don’t get carried away—or you could have even more health problems.

See how social media reacted to the pumpkin spice cough drops below:

Social Media Reacts to CVS’ Limited-Edition Pumpkin Spice Cough Drops

Would you try the pumpkin spice cough drops? Do you think the trend has gone too far? What’s your favorite pumpkin spice-flavored food? Sound off in the comments section below!