The Crow Is The Anti Spiderman, Production Begins Spring 2015

The Crow producer Ed Pressman has called the upcoming film ‘The Anti Spiderman’. The superhero reboot won’t be your average superhero film, and seeing Eric Draven isn’t the caped crusader type. Production is expected to begin in Spring 2015 if all goes according to plan.

The age of comic books is upon us. If there’s a popular comic book, or hero, there will be a TV show or movie adaptation of it. There has also been plenty of comic book reboots, like Dredd and The Amazing Spiderman.

The Crow is no different, and will be getting reboot. There have been sequels to the 1994 film starring Brandon Lee in the titular role, but they did not live up to the first film, making it seem like the vengeful antihero died with Lee. The creators of the new version are making sure Eric Draven gets the justice he deserves.

Attached to the film as the director is F. Javiér Gutierrez, who’s been waiting years to start making it. Musician Nick Cave has penned the script to the reboot, and Luke Evans who just starred in Dracula Untold will be playing the main role.

The Crow’s producer Pressman is aiming for a 2016 release date. The Crow is the polar opposite of Spiderman, seeing Eric Draven is vengeful and carries out his brand of justice in borderline villainous ways.

Pressman says, “It still has a big fan base even though it was so long ago, but the generation today doesn’t even know The Crow.”

The Crow will also compete against a line up of antihero films that will be coming out in the future, like Suicide Squad and Deadpool. It’s apparent the superhero market is already over saturated, but will the same thing happen to comic book antiheroes?

The Crow will be the ‘Anti Spiderman’ and we’ll hopefully see the production start Spring 2015.