Crayola has apologized after a hacker took control of their Facebook page and filled it with … let’s just say “off-color” jokes.

The crayon company’s page was taken over by unknown hackers Sunday, who proceeded to share links to NSFW websites and adult-themed cartoons like “If Disney Was For Adults” and “Types Of B00bs.”

According to Fox8, the Pennsylvania-based company took control of its Facebook page on Sunday night and deleted the hacker posts. During the hack, Crayola relied on Twitter to assure its customers that it was not currently in control of the page’s content:

Crayola hardly seems like it’d be a target for hackers, since controversy for the company and its products really doesn’t reach much beyond a kindergarten coloring table. Still, some 2.4 million fans of the brand were treated to some of the most unexpected trolling to date with posts like these (screengrabs courtesy of AdWeek):

Did you see any of the Crayola Facebook hack posts Sunday afternoon? Let us know in the comments.

[Top Image: Rachel D]

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