What’s more romantic than having a wedding at a library? Sure, more people these days are getting married in places outside a church and are having the reception at a beach, a farm, or even at their own home. However, for Christopher Jones and Michelle Ciarlo, having a library as their venue made all the sense in the world given their academic and medical backgrounds.

The wedding has created plenty of social buzz purely because of its out-of-the-box nature.

The two lovebirds exchanged their vows at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in March and later had the reception at the Providence Public Library located just a block away.

According to Ciarlo, she studied at the library as a child and adored the architecture. It’s classy and elegant ambiance made it the perfect location for their guests.

After their memorable library wedding, though, the couple did face some hardships in their marriage given its long distance nature. The two lived together for six months after tying the knot, but Ciarlo, an OB/GYN physician, had to relocate to Rochester, New Hampshire, for a new job position. Jones, meanwhile, serves in the US Air Force as a physician in Biloxi, Mississippi. Despite the physical distance, the two are confident that they will be reunited and living together again by July 2016. They do, however, traverse the vast distance two weekends a month to be with each other in person.

Jones and Ciarlo originally met as students while studying at the Ross University School of Medicine on the island of Dominica in 2006. The two started as friends as both were seeing other people at the time. However, as their respective relationships came and went, the two eventually transitioned from being casual friends to being romantically linked.

While a library wedding may seem totally out-of-the-box, there are other instances of couples getting married at unusual locations. Some of these strange wedding locations have included a zoo, on top of a glacier, on a hot air balloon, in a cave, underwater while in scuba diving gear, and even while airborne after parachuting from a plane.

[photo credit: Giovanna Dias]

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