Comcast customer Conal O’Rourke, an accountant at a large firm attached to the Comcast company, recent called the internet, TV, and phone service to complain about his billing status. His latest call was based on a few complaints he had already logged with the company. Instead of a simple response, the company allegedly called and complained to his employers.

O’Rourke was upset at Comcast for a variety of reasons which included the following laundry list of complaints:

1.  The wrong name, which meant his bills were not being sent to his house.

2.  Charges for his set-top boxes that hadn’t even been activated yet.

3.  And, an increase in his bill which lead to home being charged an incorrect amount of money.

Conal claims he called reps from the company, who said they would fix the problems on multiple occasions.  When he attempted to cancel his subscription late last year, Comcast told him that they would give him a free DVR and 3 months of The Movie Channel. Eventually Conal received equipment he never ordered and was billed $1,820.

The arrival of the unwanted equipment was the last straw for Conal. He called into the company Controller, instead of Customer Service, on February 6, 2014.  He was told a rep would call him back to assess the situation and solve the problem.  That is when the situation went from annoying to strange.

When Conal received his call back the rep did not introduce herself, claimed a technician had been sent to fix these problems during an appointment, but would not specify the date.  She then asked for the color of his house.  It was truly “bizarre,” said Conal.

In response Conal called back to the Controller’s office and told them about the unsatisfactory and strange call he received from their representative. Conal then proclaimed that the company should be audited by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).

In response, it is alleged that Comcast, because of their attachment to Conal’s place of employment, contacted Conal’s boss who then promtply fired him.  During his dismissal, his past employer stated that he was being removed due to an e-mail from Comcast which detailed Conal’s conversations with Comcast employees. Conal has still not seen this e-mail and Comcast refuses to let release the taped conversations between his past employer and the Comcast Controller.