Cleveland protests are underway now as the city mourns the loss of twelve-year-old shooting victim Temir Rice. An officer confronted the pre-teen at Cudell Recreation Center on the city’s west side. Upon stating that Rice failed to follow police instructions, they fired upon him and he later died at MetroHealth Medical Center.

In the wake of the verdict in Ferguson which exonerated police officer Darren Wilson, protesters caused chaos in the city’s streets. In Cleveland, Ohio, protesters are marching downtown using Route 2 as a means to protest. Cleveland’s police department is currently blocking off the shoreway so that the protesters can make it downtown without harm.

The Police Department tweeted, “Police on scene w/peaceful protesters along outbound west shoreway rt/2 in#Cle. Be advised traffic will be delayed. We are asking motorist to use 90 west as an alternate route. Police Chief Williams asking Clevelanders to remain calm and peaceful, asks motorists to avoid route 2. Motorists stuck in delayed traffic are asked to remain in their vehicles. @CLEpolice working to move traffic through protests.”

Cleveland protesters are reportedly urging others to “link up and stay late”, according to reporters on the scene. Police officers are diverting traffic from the protesters as they spread their message of anti-violence.

Below, you can see video of the protesters who are currently demonstrating in Public Square:

Here is another angle of the protests that are going down in Cleveland right now:

The Cleveland protesters are currently waving signs and shouting “No justice, no peace.”

Reportedly they are all being quite peaceful and no violence has erupted as a result of their presence on the shoreway or at Public Square. In addition, they are also shouting “Hands up, don’t shoot” along with “Whose streets? Our streets!”

Stay tuned for more updates as this breaking news story unfolds.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]