Christina Applegate announced in July that she was the newest spokesperson for Glacéau Fruitwater. In a tweet Applegate said she was “excited for what’s to come.”

On September 6, the company showed us what came of that excitement, a strange, yet awesomely weird commercial, starring Christina and a bearded guy dressed like her decoy.

Fruitwater is a a zero-calorie sparkling water beverage that comes in flavors such as watermelon punch, orange mango, and strawberry kiwi. The product is owned by Coca-Cola subsidiary Glacéau, the same company that owns the VitaminWater brand.

The commercial is part of the products new slogan, “Stolen Moments.” Applegate and the bearded man are wearing the same dress in the commercial as Christina calls him a “decoy” that she uses when she needs to “slip away” for a refreshing drink.

The commercial itself doesn’t really tie Christina Applegate into the Fruitwater brand, but it’s still less weird than half the scenes she portrayed in Married With Children.

On the official Fruitwater page the company writes:

“Is that christina appegate? no… wait. yes? fooled you just long enough for her to #stealamoment with fruitwater®. Refresh yourself with a tasty, bubbly, zero-calorie fruitwater®. learn how to steal a moment and get sparkling at”

Does this Fruitwater commercial make you want a refreshing drink?