Many children have a hard time believing in Santa Claus, which is why one 7 year old boy, Evan, decided to set up a video camera overnight and find out for sure whether or not Santa Claus really exists. So he borrowed his older brother’s GoPro camera and set it up in the living room to catch Kris Kringle in the act.

The video starts with Evan’s older brother setting up the camera before he goes to bed. A second shot of Evan watching the footage the next morning is also shown on screen. At first he doesn’t see anything and become slightly disappointed, but his parents urge him to keep watching.  Soon enough, we hear reindeer and sleigh bells in the distance and see Evan immediately light up with joy.

All of a sudden, the lights turn on, a puff of smoke appears and Santa Claus enters the living room! He proceeds to eat the milk and cookies and then deliver the presents. He then spots the camera and waves his finger, letting the little Evan know that he caught him.

All of this was thanks to Evan’s uncle and older brother. The two of them stayed up for several hours after Evan went to bed and staged and edited the whole thing. They wanted Evan to believe in Santa Claus and truly enjoy Christmas.

His uncle even said, “Even though we only got 2 hours of sleep, it was totally worth it.” Little Evan couldn’t have been happier.

Although it was posted just 3 days ago, it already has over 4.5 million views. Check out the full video above. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.