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A Chicago news station is making headlines of its own after a graphic that seemingly confused a South Korean county for a restaurant chain went viral. Over the weekend, ABC affiliate WLS-TV featured a “P.F. Chang 2018” graphic during a report on this year’s Winter Olympics—and the mixup did not go unnoticed.

According to People magazine, the graphic was used during news anchor Mark Rivera’s broadcast on Saturday morning. Instead of featuring Olympics host city PyeongChang during the “Show of Unity” story, however, the accompanying logo displayed “P.F. Chang,” the name of an Asian-inspired restaurant chain. The report itself was about Kim Jong Un inviting the president of South Korea to Pyongyang, which was described by Rivera as “another sign that North and South Korea are working on their diplomatic relationship.”

The news station later apologized for the gaffe. A spokesperson told the Chicago Tribune that the graphic was originally created for a “satirical piece” from anchor Mark Giangreco on Friday, in which viewers were asked to invent their own Olympic sports. The satirical graphic, however, was mistakenly used during the actual Olympics coverage as “the result of a mix-up.”

P.F. Chang’s made light of the mistake on Twitter. “Contrary to this broadcast, we’re not hosting the games,” they tweeted on Sunday—followed up by a “seems like someone was hungry” response to several accounts. They also wrote on Tuesday: “The P.F. Chang’s Games 2018 have officially begun” as users suggested sporting events inspired by their most popular dishes.

See how social media reacted to the “graphics mixup” below:

Social Media Reacts to Chicago News Station’s Viral PyeongChang Graphics Mixup

What are your thoughts on the news station’s PyeongChang/P.F. Chang’s graphics mixup? How do you feel about their “mixup” apology? Sound off in the comments section below!

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