Chelsea Handler has posted yet another nude photo on Instagram. This time, the talk-show host is mocking the new photo of Kim Kardashian showing her bottom on the cover of Paper magazine.

The Kardashian photo has brought about a firestorm of comments on the internet, as most believe the picture was clearly photoshopped. Handler, who has recently turned into a pioneer for women’s rights to be nude on social media, posted her own picture on Instagram to mock the socialite’s cover photo.

Handler posted a picture of her bare bottom next to Kardashian’s with the caption “Can you believe more than 2 a** can fit on the same screen? Guess which one’s real. Your move, instagram.” The photo has already gotten over 57,000 likes on Instagram.

This photo comes on the heels of Handler taking on Instagram after they took down her topless photo where she is mocking a picture of Vladimir Putin riding a horse shirtless.

The Kardashian photo sent the internet into a tizzy yesterday, with many pointing out that the pictures were clearly photoshopped. Most pointed out the disproportionate waist and bottom sizes in the pictures. Several people tweeted funny responses, calling Kardashian a centaur and posting various memes and altered images of the cover photo.

Kim Kardashian claimed this photo shoot was something she wanted to do before she decided to have another child with her husband, Kanye West. They were taken by Jean Paul-Goude leading up to Paris Fashion Week, who has taken nude photos of celebrities including Naomi Campbell and Grace Jones. The Kardashian photos resemble some Goude took back in 1976 with a model.

The feud between Chelsea Handler and Instagram is definitely one of the more interesting social media scrums in recent memory. Instagram has not yet taken the bottomless photo of Handler next to Kardashian.