Every year over 100,000 people descend upon the CES (consumer electronics show) convention in Las Vegas to get a first look at the products that will be hitting stores in the years and months to come. CES has been dazzling visitors with new gadgets and innovations for over 40 years and this year was no different. Here at Talkwalker, we took a look at Digital Trends’ Top Tech of CES 2015 Award Winners, to see which products had made the most noise on social media and to see how they were perceived by reviewers and visitors of CES 2015. Of the 17 awarded gadgets, the 5 most discussed winners in social media are quite varied: from smartphones, TV services and laptops to flat screens and 3D printers, here are some insights on the number of times these products were mentioned online in the past 30 days and the highlights of the reviews that contributed to their online buzz.

Top 5 most viral tech at CES 2015

  1. LG G Flex 2 Smartphone
  2. Dish Sling TV app
  3. Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook
  4. LG Flat 4K OLED Televisions
  5. XYZPrinting‘s Food Printer

The key to product virality: influential writers’ reviews

1) LG G Flex 2 Smartphone

This updated version from the previous LG G Flex has seen significant improvements in terms of size (slightly smaller due to some complaints), better design and higher drop resistance among other characteristics. Highlight: the “self-healing” back cover.

Photo Credits: THE NEXT WEB

“The LG G Flex 2 brings the flexing technology we know and love, adding improved durability and an impressive step forward when it comes to overall specs.”


“LG’s curved phone gets upgraded in all the best ways.”

– Nicole Lee @nicole on ENGADGET

2) Dish Sling TV App

Dish Sling TV App is an internet TV streaming service which includes ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel and costs $20 per month with no commitment or contract requires. It’s also compatible on TVs, tablets, computers, smartphones and game consoles.


“I tried Sling TV at CES 2015, and now I’m cancelling cable.”

– Chris Welch @chriswelch on THE VERGE

3) Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

This newer version of Dell’s popular XPS 13 Ultrabook from 2013 is lighter and skinnier, with a high resolution display and long battery life. Bonus: the “borderless infinity display” as named by Dell.

Photo Credits: DELL via SOFTPEDIA

“Dell’s new XPS 13 has a stunning edge-to-edge display.”

– Tom Warren @tomwarren & Micah Singleton @micahsingleton on THE VERGE

“Laptops to love: Dell’s XPS lineup brings a great balance between form and function: the new Dell XPS 13 is the smallest 13-inch laptop in the world with an infinity display, and with the power to get work done anywhere your travels take you.”

– Suzanne Choney @suzannechoney on MICROSOFT

4) LG Flat 4K OLED Televisions

LG introduced a series of OLED televisions with 4K resolution, with both flat and curved displays at CES 2015 with the much praised “window” effect.


“OLED sets, quantum-dot sets, sets that transform from curved to flat at the click of a remote, you name it. At this year’s show, you’ll see all that stuff without leaving the LG booth.”

– Tim Moynihan on WIRED

“I was also happy to find LG including some flat models, the EF9500 series, in its new OLED range, and all of the new OLED models look lovely thanks to their combination of the incredible slimness.”

– John Archer on FORBES

5) XYZPrinting’s Food Printer

The 3D Food Printer from XYZPrinting works in the same way as regular 3D printers aside from the fact that the end result is a cookie or a pastry. Designs of confections can be downloaded from a library and the printer works on both PCs and Macs.

Photo Credits: Christina Ascani on MASHABLE

“Incredible 3D printer can create biscuits on demand. […] I also tried the 3D-printed cookies (already baked) and they were better than those I made myself.”

Review selected by the editor on CNET

“Of the thousands, upon thousands of things at the show, including racing RC cars using our own brainwaves, nothing blew our minds quite like eating 3D-Printed pizza created by XYZprinting.”

– Marty Sliva @McBiggitty on IGN Entertainment

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