The Voice judge, CeeLo Green, is dealing with an enraged group of rape victims today as he tries to dispense with the allegations that he not only wrote horrid comments pertaining to what does and does not constitute rape, but to the possibility that he did actually slip Ecstasy into his dinner dates drink in 2012 while at a Sushi Bar.  Ever since his comments went live and public on Twitter, the charges are being brought up again and again in articles and comments across the internet.

If this was not bad enough, CeeLo has been featured in a new music video “Shine Like Gold” by Big Gipp.

After watching this video, rape victims may become even more enraged by CeeLo’s Twitter comments since he and Gipp objectify the female form throughout the entirety of the video.  One of the Twitter posts about the video even says that he and Gipp had real “lust eyes” for the females they paraded around in the video.

Maybe if people did not publicly talk about touchy subjects like this in a derogatory way, but instead became educated about the legality and treated victims with the respect they deserve, accusations also wouldn’t be thrown around so openly.

Let’s just hope CeeLo has learned his lesson and makes a chioce to educate himself, and others, on the subject of rape and healing.  The world knows that we need more well educated and upstanding individuals to fight the injustice and inequality so prominent in our world today when it comes to victim shaming.