Monty’s unusual face comes from the lack of a nasal bridge bone caused by a chromosomal irregularity. The abnormality gives him a tiny crooked nose, and his owners say that when they saw his unusual face, they fell in love with him immediately. They adopted him from the animal shelter when he was three, and even though the other cats at the shelter were eager to fight, Monty stayed calm and gentle.

The abnormality sometimes gives Monty breathing issues, causing him to sneeze a lot. When he’s sleeping, he tends to urinate due to his loose bladder. The owners say that Monty is always embarrassed when he realizes what he’s done, but they are teaching him not to be since he can’t help it. When it comes to visiting the vet, this adorable cat is brave and enjoys it.

Monty’s owners explain that even though Monty has an unusual face, he’s just as adorable and fantastic. They wish for Monty to be an ambassador for cats that don’t look perfect to most people, and they want people to realize that being different doesn’t mean you can’t be awesome. is an organization that supports adorable cats and dogs born with disabilities like Monty. They also support animals who become disabled due to an accident. A list of these animals up for adoption is frequently updated, providing a description for each listing. The testimonies listed prove that these disabled animals are just as adorable as others.