Have you ever found yourself standing in between a Burger King and a Chipotle, wishing you could just combine the two? No? Well, then. Burger King has a solution to a problem you didn’t even have: The Whopperito.

Beginning Monday, August 15, you’ll be able to roll up to your neighborhood BK and ask for a Whopperito, which contains the basic components of a Whopper, but Tex-Mex-American-BK-style.

Instead of just a plain old flame-broiled beef patty, that patty will now be ground up and seasoned with something like a taco spice. In place of a melted slice of American cheese (if a Whopper with cheese is your thing), it will now be nacho cheese. Then there are the Whopper sandwich standards: onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles. And instead of the bun, it’s all wrapped up in a flour tortilla shell. Like a burrito.

So, then, what do you think? Does this sound delicious? Will you run out on Monday and grab one for lunch? Or does this sound like the worst idea anyone has ever had? Sound off in the comments below!

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