Burger King’s longtime motto is “have it your way,” but one store manager apparently had a problem when a customer had a problem with his order.

Robert DeYapp of Bloomfield, New Mexico has filed a lawsuit against the giant fast-food chain, alleging that the manager of the Burger King location, Francisco Berrera, threatened to cut him after having a problem with his onion rings.

According to the New York Daily NewsDeYapp went to the counter and told Berrera that his onion rings were cold and asked the manager to reheat them. Berrera took the onion rings back, and while heading back to reheat the cold onion rings, he told a co-worker in Spanish:

“This white boy is mad about his food, and he doesn’t even known that I’m going to return it and do whatever I want to it, and he’ll still eat it and never have any idea of what I did to his food.”

But DeYapp is fluent in Spanish, and understood everything the manager said. After hearing that Berrera was going to compromise his onion rings, DeYapp asked for a refund, in which Berrera refused, according to the lawsuit.

After denying DeYapp his refund, a customer witnessed Berrera taking pictures of DeYapp and his car as DeYapp was eating his meal. DeYapp approached Berrera and confronted asked the manager why he was taking pictures. The lawsuit said:

“(Berrera) came around the counter and begun lunging at Mr. DeYapp with a Taser in one hand and a switchblade knife in the other hand.”

The police arrived on the scene and arrested Berrera. Fortunately, DeYapp was not injured, and is seeking punitive damages from Burger King for assault, and negligent hiring and training. Berrera was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, and pleaded guilty to the charges.

A spokesman for Burger King told the Daily News that the company does not comment on an active court case.

[Photo Credit: Photopin]