Just when you thought candy corn couldn’t come in a stranger flavor. There’s Starburst, apple pie and yes, even pumpkin spice. But Brach’s new Fall Brunch Favorites just might take the cake for most unique flavor.

The limited-edition Fall Brunch Favorites candy corn contains three flavors: French Toast & Maple Syrup, Waffles & Strawberry and Chocolate Chip & Pancakes. Now granted, those all sound like delicious options to eat, but not in candy corn form.

According to a review by Popsugar, the scent of the candy corn is “very reminiscent of a Yankee Maple Pancake candle.” The reviewer’s co-worker’s could not come to a general consensus on whether they’re worth the purchase, with one remarking that the chocolate chips actually tasted like chocolate chips, while another said they were way too sweet. Overall, it came in at three out of five stars.

In essence, the brunch-flavored candy corn is like Willy Wonka’s three-course dinner chewing gum. The three-course meal just happens to include a lot of sweet breakfast foods.

They are available exclusively at Target for $2.50 a bag, along with other Halloween-themed treats.

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