In the wake of President Donald Trump’s travel ban getting blocked once again by a federal judge in Hawaii, some social media users called for a boycott of the Big Island. While some disagreed with the judge’s decision, many others mocked the proposed boycott using the Aloha spirit.

Wednesday evening, just hours before the revised travel ban was to go into effect, U.S. District Judge Derrick K. Watson criticized the government and declared that the executive order was issued with the intent “to disfavor a particular religion.” The executive order, which would have banned immigration for citizens of six Muslim-majority countries for 90 days, has been temporarily blocked nationwide. A second federal judge in Maryland issued a separate ruling against Trump’s executive order.

Those in favor of the travel ban have now called for a boycott of Hawaii.

Of course, this isn’t the first boycott that has been attempted. Trump supporters called for a “Hamilton” boycott last year after the cast addressed Vice President Mike Pence at curtain call. Additionally, Budweiser was boycotted for their immigration-themed Super Bowl commercial; Starbucks was also boycotted on social media after CEO Howard Schultz announced their plan to hire 10,000 refugees.

Some social media users called for a boycott of Hawaii in the wake of Trump’s travel ban getting blocked again.

Trump Supporters Call for Social Media to #BoycottHawaii

Others pointed out the absurdity in boycotting a state, while many agreed that the decision to boycott would actually have a positive effect on the paradisiacal island. See how social media responded to #BoycottHawaii below:

Social Media Mocks #BoycottHawaii Trend

What are your thoughts on the #BoycottHawaii trend? Do you agree or disagree with Trump’s executive order? Sound off in the comments section below!