Birthday cakes are no longer welcomed at one Kentucky school, as administrators try to find a way to fight childhood obesity.

For students celebrating their birthdays at Burlington Elementary School in Burlington, just south of Cincinnati, the students can have balloons, singing, and even recognition in the morning announcements. But the one staple of any child’s birthday, the birthday cake, is now prohibited.

The birthday cake ban was written into the school’s wellness policy, which not only outlawed birthday cakes at Burlington, but all food in general from in-school birthday celebrations. The ban follows a trend at school districts across the country, as school administrators are targeting unhealthy foods to fight the rise of obesity rates among children.

Valerie Bailey, whose child attends Burlington Elementary and is a member of the committee who crafted the the “no birthday food” policy, told the Cincinnati Enquirer:

“We’re finding it’s difficult to be the first. Parents say it’s not fair. But we hope it sends a message to the parents and kids, especially with the obesity rate being so high, and puts a bug in their ear.”

Although the new rule seems harsh, Burlington Elementary is not the first school to ban food at school birthday parties. That honor goes to Brooks Elementary School in Newnan, Georgia, who in August sent out a letter to parents informing them that the school was outlawing all food from birthday parties over fears that kids with food allergies would feel left out.

Julie Raschen, principal of Brook Elementary, told the Newnan Times-Herald

“When parents have brought in goodies for birthdays, oftentimes these children are not included in the snack because of dietary restrictions and have felt left out. Parents can still send treats for their child’s birthday, we just ask that they not be food items.”

The Burlington policy is exactly the same, as according to the wellness policy, non-food items like pencils, erasers and bookmarks are still allowed. School districts in Seattle, Louisville, Kalamazoo, Boulder, and Minneapolis have also banned birthday cakes to fight childhood obesity, but those districts still allow healthier treats at in-school birthday celebrations.

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