Comedian Billy Eichner yells at people on the street for his popular TV show, Billy on the Street. This week he took his yelling from the streets, to the internet, where he trolled Burger King for stealing his bit.

In a new TV spot, Burger King hired an Eichner look-alike to confront people on the street about their new chicken nuggets. While the replacement actor is not as in your face with the people he met, Billy Eichner didn’t like the obvious comparisons. Over the weekend Eichner flamed Burger King using his personal Twitter account.

Almost immediately following his Burger King attack, his famous friends, including Seth Rogen, came to his side.

Michael Ian Black sent out our favorite tweet which makes fun of Burger King, while also offering to work for them.

Eichner admits that he loves Burger King’s hilarious tweets, and they are pretty funny, but it was McDonald’s that responded to his comments.

So what did Burger King tweet in response to claims that the company ripped off Billy Eichner?

Apparently the company is not phased by Billy Eichner’s attempts to call them out for what was obviously a blatant rip-off of his hard work.

Do you think the Burger King commercial is an obvious copycat of Billy on the Street?