Tonight, as part of the “Billion Dollar Buyer” season two finale, design company Sleek to Chic and designers Brad and Martin compete to design a cafe space for Tilman Fertitta’s new luxury hotel in Houston. Fertitta meets with Kara Gordon and Shannon Willis of Sleek to Chic, and Brad Strickland and Martin Ayenegui of Martin and Brad Design Studio to preview the Post Oak Hotel.

  • Sleek to Chic is a design company that specializes in residential design. According to their website, their goal “is to exceed client expectations by really listening, valuing the client, then creatively transforming ordinary spaces into highly functional and aesthetically beautiful rooms.” Their portfolio includes outdoor spaces, offices, kitchens, lounges and private residences. They describe their style as “clean, crisp, classic lines.”
  • Martin and Brad Design Studio specializes in interior design, construction, general contracting and more. They offer services for both small repairs and complete home or business remodels, according to their website. Their clients have included the Houston Astros, Minute Maid Park and Apple. They describe their design as “pure magic.”

Fertitta is looking for a “super special” design and immediately loves Sleek to Chic’s colors and designs in their portfolio. They are, however, not as familiar with the commercial space. Brad and Martin are more familiar with commercial design but Fertitta has his doubts upon first meeting them. Their portfolios, or lack thereof, fail to win him over. Instead, they show him various photos from their computer, which he seems to like.

At the project work site, Fertitta presents the two teams with the design challenge: come up with the concept, color scheme, art, layout, display cases and more. He tells them the design needs to be special and present him with only their most creative vision.

First, Sleek to Chic presents Fertitta with a tradition/modern urban design featuring a black brick wall, white lighting and organic fixtures. They propose the name Le Cheine, which he says is not an easy enough name to remember, making it hard to build the brand. Ultimately, Fertitta and his team agree that the design is too rustic and not enough high-end. They also don’t include a floor plan in the design. They challenge them to come up with something more sophisticated and whimsical in replica form.

Brad and Martin present their French design next, which incorporates retail and highlights bright blues, elegance and playfulness. They indicate the colors of their La Guimard Patisserie are too casual and while they’re not a fan of the name, they love the overall design. Fertitta says they “have the right stuff.”

As the teams work to produce their replicas, Sleek to Chic focuses on glam and intricate designs, while Brad and Martin change their design slightly to incorporate timeless and vintage elements. Fertitta is not impressed with Brad and Martin’s Metropolitan “medieval” style replica given that its concept strays so far from their original presentation. While there are some issues, Fertitta and his team like the innovative design overall.

Sleek to Chic’s Grace Patisserie replica features soft and classic elements and Fertitta likes the design. Their design also incorporated more commercial elements. The team is not wowed by every element and says the women may have played it a little safe. Given the feedback, they challenge the teams to go back to the drawing board and create a new conceptual presentation (and budget) that will be boardroom ready. Ultimately, Fertitta sees Sleek to Chic as “solid and dependable” and Brad and Martin’s design as high-risk/high-return.

In the boardroom, Sleek to Chic presents Fertitta with “classic with a modern twist” design with pastel colors, exterior black entrance, whimsical elements and custom lighting fixture. He appreciates that they incorporated the team’s suggestions, as well as their honesty and concerns over the potential of working on the project. Their bid is $351,900, which includes the design fee.

Brad and Martin present in a 3D form all new colors and design direction featuring shiny and colorful elements, edgy designs and intricate artwork. He likes the free-flow of the design. Their bid is $802,800, which also includes the design fee.

Ultimately, Fertitta picks Brad and Martin to design the restaurant, with an updated 10 percent design fee, because they think big and listen to his feedback. However, he also likes that Sleek to Chic can be bold and think outside their comfort zone so challenges them to design new Landry’s suites.

Take a look at how social media reacted to tonight’s season finale below:

Social Media Reacts to the “Billion Dollar Buyer” Season Finale

According to CNBC, the reality television show “introduces promising companies across the country to one of America’s most successful businessmen: billionaire hospitality mogul Tilman Fertitta, Chairman, CEO, and sole shareholder of Landry’s, Inc.” Featured entrepreneurs present their small business to Fertitta in the hopes that he will place a large purchase order. But before they make their pitch, they must prove to the hospitality mogul that their product is worth it through challenges and customer feedback.

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