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“Billion Dollar Buyer” is back! To kick off the season three premiere, Tilman Fertitta meets with Meredith Bell and Nick Etcheverry of Autonomy Farms.

Autonomy Farms is a California-based farm that practices sustainable agricultural practices. Their grass-fed beef, organic eggs and produce are just some of the ways they hope to make a difference in the food industry. According to their website, the company “was created with the simple need of wanting something more. In our own search for seasonal produce and humanely raised meat and eggs, we realized a gap in the local marketplace. It’s more obvious than ever that there is a disconnect from the farmer to the consumer; our goal is to help reconnect the two by having direct relationships within the local community.” Their store includes chicken, pork, lamb and more.

You know they’re loved when they have no fear and will come right up to say hi. #gofarmyourself #cattle #ranch #grassfed #beef #cagrown #organic

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Fertitta is impressed that the cows don’t look “stressed” and learns that it’s a “great product” firsthand. The duo explains to him that their crops are not sprayed and he acknowledges that it’s “beautiful.” Last year, they did about $430,000, however, they lost all of their hens and crops in a recent flood. A deal with Fertitta would help them recover.

He tries the food next, where he acknowledges that the meat is a bit chewy. He thinks the taste is different, but doesn’t necessarily believe that’s a bad thing. He challenges them to put together an entire farm-to-table menu for his Mastro’s restaurant. The chefs put the produce to the test and they all really like the taste. They run into an obstacle, however, over the potential of doing daily deliveries. Many of Fertitta’s team also doesn’t like the steak, but the eggs put them back in the game.

The restaurant’s customers try out their beef and vegetables next. Many say they are having a tough time cutting the meat, but others like the flavor. Fertitta’s “foodie” son Patrick asks the customers what the thoughts and one person admits that they would be more inclined to order a Mastro’s steak. The main concern is that the steak is too chewy, but many seemed to like the produce. He then challenges them to make deliveries six days a week.

On deal day, Fertitta presents the duo with the feedback cards from last time. The produce was a clear hit, but people didn’t like the steak. Fertitta is impressed by their drive and offers to buy $50,000 in meat, $25,000 in produce and $25,000 in eggs for four Mastro’s locations—$100,000 in total. He hopes that the deal will allow them to get back on their feet.

See how social media reacted to Autonomy Farms’ appearance on “Billion Dollar Buyer” below:

Social Media Reacts to Autonomy Farms’ Appearance on “Billion Dollar Buyer”

According to CNBC, the reality television show “introduces promising companies across the country to one of America’s most successful businessmen: billionaire hospitality mogul Tilman Fertitta, Chairman, CEO, and sole shareholder of Landry’s, Inc.” Featured entrepreneurs present their small business to Fertitta in the hopes that he will place a large purchase order. But before they make their pitch, they must prove to the hospitality mogul that their product is worth it through challenges and customer feedback.

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