When it comes to crashing big events, there are very few actors that do it better than Bill Murray. With that being said, Murray managed to pull a ‘Bill Murray’ this week. The famed actor showed up at a St. Paul Saints minor league baseball game, where he quickly began a part-time job as a ticket taker. Murray, a co-owner of the minor league baseball team, was the first person fans saw as they entered the teams soon-to-be closed stadium.

The Saints were playing their final game at Midway Stadium. Next season the team will move into a brand new areana.

Thankfully we live in the age of social media, and that means lots of people took to Twitter and Instagram to share their personal interactions with the Groundhogs Day actor.

The fun didn’t stop at the entrance gate. Bill Murray was also responsible for one of the most strange first pitches we have ever seen. Instead of pitching, he played catcher. Murray snatched the first ball, then immediately turned around and threw the baseball into the stands.

A fan caught Murray’s first pitch in a funny photo and it pretty much sums up the actors appearance at the game.

We constantly hear about crazy Bill Murray sightings, some of which seem too good to be true. I would go so far as to call some of his alleged sightings as the things of internet legend. This time around we have some great video and photo proofs that highlight his actions.