Mrs.Carter is 33-years-old and she has never looked better. Today is Beyonce’s birthday and her fans on Twitter have created a trending term in her honor.

Head over to Twitter and you’ll find that #HappyBirthdayBeyonce is one of the biggest terms for the day. The famed singer has had her fair share of Twitter trends on her birthday, so this one didn’t come as a surprise.

The hashtag is being used to wish the former Destiny’s Child singer a happy birthday, while sharing fond memories of her work.

Here are a few examples of the #HappyBirthdayBeyonce trend:

Beyonce continues to thrill her fans both on stage and off. The birth of Blue Ivy was an international trend for weeks. Blue Ivy even managed to steal the spotlight at this years MTV VMA’s when she utters just two words: “Yeah, Mommy.” Beyonce’s marriage to Jay-Z has also created quite possibly the most famous celebrity marriage of all time. Jay-Z and Beyonce are believed to have a net worth of more than $520 million.

Beyonce sure has come a long way over the years. Here are a few throwback pics she posted on Instagram:

Beyonce sure has come a long way since her baby days.

Did you wish Beyonce a happy birthday with the #HappyBirthdayBeyonce hashtag?