#PhelpsFace is all the rage (literally) on the Internet this morning. It all started when the cameras turned to Phelps and South Africa’s Chad Le Clos in a waiting area before the 200 meter butterfly semifinals in Rio. The two Olympic Swimmers certainly aren’t strangers, either: Chad Le Clos narrowly beat Michael Phelps at the 2012 London Olympics. So in the video that’s taken the Internet by storm, Le Clos appears to be dancing around right in front of Phelps who appears to be glaring daggers at his opponent. For more on the Phelps/Le Clos rivalry, check out this article.

But you know who’s not really impressed with #PhelpsFace?


The thing about the Olympics in the social media age is that it doesn’t take long before these faces and reactions — faces we all make and reactions we all have — are amplified and meme-ified. Just ask McKayla Maroney. Though she was the favorite to win gold in the vault final at the London Olympics in 2012, she did not. In a move that shocked her teammates (because it was something they’d never seen her do before), she fell. And instead of winning gold, she won silver. On the stand, she was emotional and made a face that almost instantly became the “McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed” meme.

So ultimately, who had the better meme face: Michael Phelps or McKayla Maroney?

Verdict: Slightly Phelps

But don’t argue about it, kids. Lilly King and her finger-wag-seen-round-the-world are not having any that.