New Orleans Saints’ Benjamin Watson expresses his take on the Ferguson incident on his Facebook account. Whether you are pro Michael Brown, pro Darren Wilson, or somewhere in between, Watson’s essay-like post reads like poetry and has a message that both sides can agree on. Read his full post here.

In his post, Watson expresses his frustrations as a black man, but also acknowledges that he cannot blindly side with the Michael Brown crowd simply because of his skin color.

While he stresses a need for reform in the way society pre-judges those of a darker skin pigment, he also acknowledges that the rioting and looting has done nothing but reinforce the negative stereotypes. He also refrains from passing judgment on Darren Wilson as he did not witness the incident.

Benjamin Watson ends his Ferguson post by citing that ultimately, the shooting and subsequent riots are not a skin problem, but a sin problem. He laments the need for inner city youth to get to know the Gospel and Jesus as a means for taking control of their futures.

There is no question that since the shooting back in August, the nation has become bitterly divided along racial lines. Each side has become so steadfast in their position and is so convinced that their point of view is the right one that they resort to jeering and name calling.

Benjamin Watson’s Ferguson post has gone viral and hopefully the message will get across to enough people. Perhaps it’s about time we stop casting aspersions and get off our high horses. By believing adamantly that my side is right and your side is wrong, nothing is achieved but resentment. With division at an all-time high, now is a more important time than ever to put our egos aside and agree to disagree. Unity is not going to be achieved any other way.

[photo credit: sportique]