These days it is nearly impossible to escape the presence of actor Benedict Cumberbatch, and after watching his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it is easy to see why so many people love him.

In his two-minute ALS video, the Sherlock Holmes actor clearly states that he will take one bucket of cold ice over his head. As it turns out, his “one bucket” statement was nothing more than a redirect. No, Mr. Cumberbatch was not lying to us, he just didn’t know that his crew would force him to take a second challenge, and that he would be completely naked for the second bucket of ice.

After he takes the challenge in his pants and t-shirt, Benedict heads for the shower, stripping down to his birthday suit for a nice, relaxing, and ultimately warm shower. Instead, his friends throw another cold bucket of ice on him.

Following his shower, the actor can be heard as he tells someone on the phone that he will be late for a prior engagement.

Seriously how can you not donate to the ALS Association after seeing this guy make a case for the organization.