Barnes & Noble has announced a huge Black Friday deal, with 500,000 signed books from more than 100 authors hitting shelves.

The book collection from Barnes & Noble, the nation’s largest bookseller, will release the 500,000 signed copies in all of their locations, while supplies last. Jamie Carey, Chief Merchandising Officer at Barnes and Noble, released a statement on the monumental move:

“The breadth, depth, and collection of these signed editions is something that is uniquely Barnes & Noble and has never been done at this scale before by any bookseller or retailer. What you are seeing here is Barnes & Noble working together with more than 100 leading authors to give our customers access to half a million truly special signed gifts this holiday season for book collectors and reading lovers.”

The list of authors who have signed copies of their books for the retailer include, but are not limited to, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Amy Poehler, Donna Tartt, George W. Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jeff Kinney, Joel Osteen, Mario Batali, Mo Willems, Rick Riordan, Rick Yancey, and Rainbow Rowell. Barnes & Noble has been preparing for this special event for seven months, collecting the signatures from authors over that span. All of the special copies will be displayed at the front of the store Friday.

Mary Amicucci, the Vice President of Adult Trades and Children’s Books with the company, said “We knew it was a big ask to go to all of these fantastic authors to have them personally sign thousands of copies of their books, but we were committed to providing a unique Black Friday offer that no other retailer in the world could replicate.”

“We found that the authors were just as keen as we were to deliver on this idea because they saw how meaningful it would be to their fans and readers to have these as gifts to be remembered long after the holidays are over,” she continued.

The Barnes & Noble Black Friday deals add to a growing list of ads for 2014, all of which you can see here.

[photo credit: woohoo_megoo]

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