A Portland bakery is being accused of racism after naming their Oreo cupcake “Mr. President.” The vanilla cupcake, which contains an Oreo cookie and cookies ‘n cream buttercream, is sold at the Fat Cupcake.

A Yelp reviewer called out the name in a review on their Portland Yelp page last month, saying, “Very troubling. They were serving a cupcake called the “Mr President” that had an Oreo cookie inside. When I tried to point out the racism implied, they claimed that “our current president loves Oreos. They also had a cupcake with blue icing and cream filling called ‘The Intern. I won’t be doing business with them and please do not support racism in Portland or anywhere.”

Their Oregan City Yelp page has since gotten an Active Cleanup Alert badge, which allows Yelp to remove any reviews that may have been influenced by a news article making waves, while other reviewers defend the name. One reviewer wrote:

“Just read a ridiculous article about the name of a cupcake here being racist. Seriously?! What is this world coming to? This is a lovely establishment with a creative, quirky and delicious menu. They should be applauded for their hard work in running a great business that is an asset to the community.”

According to Fox 12 Oregon, the store’s owner Anjelica Hayes pushed back at the accusations, explaining that she’s from a biracial family and that she never intended to offend anyone. She said that she simply wanted a name that would fit the “elite” cupcake and was ecstatic when she later discovered that President Obama’s favorite cookie is the Oreo. “I never thought or intended or could ever imagine it would be taken as an insult. In my mind it would be an honor,” she told KPTV.

The cupcake, which is one of their most popular items, has since been renamed “The Professional,” at least for now.

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