Here we go again. The internet is once again divided as people can’t seem to agree on what color this purse is.

Twitter user @whyofcorso posted a photo of her new Kate Spade bag on social media with the caption, “Everyone say hello to my new baby.” The seemingly innocent photo then turned into a Twitter debate over what color the purse truly is. Is it periwinkle? Dark blue? White?

According to the Kate Spade website, the color is actually “Lakes Edge.” Though the color is listed on their website, some people still weren’t satisfied. Some referred to the bag as either a powder blue or white color, while others were seeing completely different colors, such as gold and pink. Others attributed the confusion to the camera’s white balance or color correction.

Corso is now also using the opportunity to raise awareness and support for the JDRF One Walk, which fights to “help fund research for better treatments to remove the daily burden of this disease [diabetes]—until there is a world without T1D.”

Social Media Weighs in on Color of #ThisBag

Similar social media debates have emerged in the last year. First, it was The Dress, which had social media divided over whether a cocktail dress was sporting a gold and white pattern or a blue and black pattern. Then there was the nail polish debate where social media questioned whether a purple polish or bright pink polish best matched a pair of pinkish-purple heels. Then, there was The Jacket controversy, which had people split over the color of an Adidas jacket. Was it black and brown? Green and gold? The world may never know.

So what do you think? Is the bag blue or white? Or do you see a completely different color? Sound off in the comments section below!