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What’s in a name? To paraphrase Shakespeare, would wine by any other name really sound as sweet? Probably not, as evidenced by Twitter users who hilariously offered up alternative names for the popular beverage.

#BadNamesForWine, which became a trending hashtag in the “Hashtag, You’re It” game Tuesday afternoon, took popular types of wine and gave it a zany twist. Suggestions ranged from “Watch Me Whip, Whip…Chardonay-nay,” a nod to one of 2015’s viral dance crazes, to “Dotard” (the insult that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently used against President Donald Trump) and the extremely straightforward “Therapy.”

The popular hashtag generated more than 10,000 tweets, which provided plenty of wine-related entertainment and humor. Take a look at some of the hilariously horrible suggestions below:

Social Media Hilariously Suggests #BadNamesForWine

What would you suggest as a “bad name for wine”? Which #BadNamesForWine tweet was your favorite? Sound off in the comments section below!