Bachelorette Dorfman with host Chris Harrison

We’re in for a double dose of drama as the Week 3 of the Bachelorette commences with a special two-night event. Moving from L.A to Santa Barbara, the Bachelorette Andi Dorfman is “in awe” and excited! The first one-on-one is given to Nick V, the first-impression-rose dude. I do think we can just say Nick now due to Nick S’ elimination last episode.

Andi takes Nick on a “normal date” by having a walk on the beach, riding bikes, and taking a hike that apparently ends in a picnic with glasses of wine. May sound silly, but for this program it is definitely one of the less extravagant dates. I do believe this is a sign that Nick is a front runner and how comfortable she is with him. The relationships that work are always the ones that have fun on those dates like Ashley and JP’s first date. Nick admits to her that he has a little crush on her and that she has a “great resume.” Not exactly romantic, but Andi thinks it’s cute. He seems pretty sweet though.

At dinner, Andi asks Nick how he is still single. Awkward; but Nick opens up saying he was engaged once–for a minute, he said–but he was very immature, and it ended. Andi likes that he’s cautious; it makes sense. Andi is glad that Nick opened up to her. He doesn’t like the idea of one person for everyone, because it’s unromantic, like they’re just supposed to be together. He’s modern, I like him. He says romantic is finding someone and deciding they don’t want to find anyone else, even through there are more people out there. The connection is definitely there on this date, so Nick gets the date rose–and a few kisses! Nick is surprised and pleased with how well things have gone and with the potential that something really special could happen with Andi. On Andi’s part, she feels giddy kissing Nick. Good sign.

The group date is Brian, Marcus, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brett, Ron, Bradley, Josh, Eric, Andrew, and Patrick. will sing with R&B icons Boyz II Men and boys are all suddenly very jealous of Bradley’s singing talent. They are split into two groups, suits(Eric, Bradley, Marcus, Andrew, Marquel, Cody, Patrick) and sweaters (Brian, Brett, Josh, Ron, Tasos), to learn how to sing the band’s famous song “I’ll Make Love to You.” Let’s just say, I hope Andi isn’t trying to find a talented singer among this group because the voices are rough.

To make it easier Andi is also singing with them. A nice gesture, except she’s also a terrible singer, so at least she’s not just torturing the boys!  Boyz II Men remark that at best they’ll definitely be memorable, not exactly sure if that’s a compliment, but at least they’re trying to be polite?

Men butcher Boyz II Men song at their concert

Later the men are left in shock when they realize they will be performing in front of a live concert audience. Marquel tries to stay positive saying “it’s a once in a lifetime experience” which is definitely the way to look at it, no matter how horrid these boys are. Shocker that Bradley starts off, she’s showing off majorly and not in a good way.

The rest of the men butcher the song, but try to have fun. Josh and Marcus forget the words, but they play it off cutely. Boyz II Men remark, “if this is an indication of who she’s going to chose she may not chose anyone, she may just go home” which is hysterical and hopefully Andi does not care about musical abilities or her choices are slim.

A rose is still up for grabs at the group date after party and the men turn up the heat. Andi plays a game on Cody to test him saying the boys said he has a stripper girlfriend, but can’t keep a straight face. I feel like that was a waste of alone time, but Cody is a good sport about it and doesn’t react badly as I would have. Eric is worried that he may have not understood their connection since she treats him the same as the others, but Andi reassures him that this situation is weird and it’s nothing against him. Watching Eric being adorable is awful, as always, but what can we do? Marcus is already developing feelings for Andi and is already jealous of her interactions with the other men. It’s normal to feel this way, however this early on it could be dangerous due to the nature of this program. Marcus gets a first kiss and he says “it’s the connection where you feel, OK, she’s the one”. He seems confident with getting the rose, however the person who receives the group date rose is Josh. I don’t quite understand what’s so special about him especially when one second he’s saying “I just want you to stay away from me” and then says “I want to kiss you every day”, confusing? Definitely. But they have an obvious connection since they constantly kiss and giggling while being unable to separate more than a couple inches from one another. Whatever does it for you Andi, I can’t understand every relationship.

Old people for a day date

The second one-on-one goes to JJ. They take a look into the very far future when they are turned into a sweet 80-year-old couple by Hollywood makeup artists and proceed to fool the Santa Barbara citizens. It’s a very odd date and the exact opposite of the realism that was Nick’s. It is really funny to see how into these characters they are, despite how terrible they are at pretending to be old. Andi says this is “starting to make me think seriously about JJ” which literally makes no sense how this could lead to legitimacy, but it is funny and odd. They share a first kiss and it’s super creepy due to the makeup, thankfully they change out of the makeup for the dinner portion.

JJ opens up about how he was constantly getting picked on and his fears of ending up alone. He does however mention that he’s pleased with how comfortable he is with Andi so far. His crazy eyes are making it hard for me to take him seriously, but I definitely like him much more now than when he was old. Andi seems to enjoy his humor, though the chemistry is definitely not there as much as it has been with past one-on-ones, but maybe she’ll like him more with time. JJ does receive a rose though in the end, so it’s enough for now.

Later Ron receives devastating news that brings his search for love to a halt. His friend passed away and he decides to leave the show. My heart goes out to him and his friend’s family. Dylan also confesses to the men about his family, especially his brother’s assorted past with drugs and that he was pronounced brain dead. I’m not quite sure where this confession came from, but he says he wants to tell Andi who he is and why. Unfortunately he hasn’t gotten any time with Andi so far, but hopefully he will soon or I’m afraid he may just leave.

At the party before the Rose Ceremony, Andi begins with thanking the men for being here and that she cares for them. It’s her reaction to Ron leaving which put into perspective how real this is for her. In the middle of some alone time with Eric, Andi receives a delivery of flowers from Nick. Basically he ruins the time between them and I feel bad. That was completely unnecessary since Nick already has a rose and does not need to impress Andi or take any of her time away from the other men. Yet once more Andi loves his attempts and continues to say that her relationship with Nick feels ‘real’.

JJ and Josh sneakily go off with each other and discuss that Andrew got a girl’s number while at an outing on the show. The two confront Andrew and his response is, “I’m not even going to deal with this right now” as he runs away. Josh doesn’t let it go, chastising him the whole way with JJ on his heels. I agree that Andrew is not in the right, but just because you two have roses doesn’t mean you should jump on someone, though I’m pleased their first reaction wasn’t to tattletale to Andi. Andrew does come downstairs to be bombarded by the men. He says he received a girl’s number, but didn’t ask for it or bragged. A likely story…not.

At the Rose Ceremony none of the men tell Andi and as much as I respect them for this decision, if she doesn’t know the truth they’re never going to get what they want. It’s hard for the Bachelorette to see what’s going on without being told sometimes, so naturally Andrew is the last to receive a rose, for dramatic effect of course. Bradley, the annoying opera singer, and Brett, the lamp guy, are sent home. Not surprising choices, she had no chemistry or any air time with either of them so the connections were not there. Bradley sheds some man tears which is a bit surprising, but I’m truly not going to miss him all that much.

The 13 remaining men are:

  • Andrew
  • Brian
  • Chris
  • Cody
  • Dylan
  • Eric
  • J J
  • Josh
  • Marcus
  • Marquel
  • Nick
  • Patrick
  • Tasos

Tomorrow they head to New England for more competition, drama, and yelling on Andi’s part. Can’t wait to see what happens, but I assume it centers around the Andrew debacle, but we’ll see!

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