contestants baring it all at the first group date

Following the one-on-one date, Andi has her group date with 14 men. They join Andi, along with Sharelene and Kelly from last season’s The Bachelor, at a hip Hollywood nightclub, but they are in for a big surprise when they are met by members of a popular male exotic revue, “Hollywood Men,” who greet them with a racy performance that leaves everyone stunned. Andi reveals that this date is actually a special event for the charity “Bachelor Gives Back.” The way they will raise funds will be to strip in front of a live audience. Andi divides the guys into fantasy themed groups for their routines. There were three teams of four, along with two solo performances. The breakdown was as follows:

Cowboys – Josh, Marquel, Carl, and Craig. They danced in cowboy hats, ripped off cowboy chaps and had little shorts on with fringes. Carl remarks that he’s more nervous stripping next to Josh because he has such a fantastic body, but pulls it together for the enjoyment of Andi and friends.

Solo – Nick Sutter who whore a silver robot costume and bright pink tennis shoes. He has a lot of trouble taking off his costume, but was insistent on wearing a beanie the entire time. He stripped down to his silver underwear and flashes a little more than Andi would want to see. You have to give the boy perks for his courage, but it may not be what Andi is looking for.

Fireman – Brett, Dylan, Pat, Bradley. They wore the whole fireman suit – pants, suspenders, jacket, and hat. They sat on chairs backwards, making sexual gestures, and stripped down into yellow speedo underwear.

Solo – Marucs is an airline pilot, complete with white aviator outfit and sunglasses. He strips down to his white underwear and dog tags. He said he was less than thrilled to have been given the

Army Men – Cody, Tasos, Ron, and Brian. They wore green t-shirts and army pants. Ron was their “leader”, he lined them up, spanked them and they had to take off their pants, where they were wearing camouflage boxer briefs.

As much fun as that was, the fan response is a bit back and forth:

At the after party, Brian pulls Andi away first and she confesses how impressed she was with his performance. Josh attempts to convince her that he’s more than just a pretty face to little avail while Craig is out of control drunk and almost ruins the party.He’s already cursing and making comments about the other men. He jumps into the pool with his clothes on and walks out of camera view while flashing his butt to the crew. I’m honestly surprised that she doesn’t just throw him out right there. The men comment that Craig has gone overboard and that his antics are distracting her from getting to know everyone.

Andi tells the boys that this is not the kind of behavior she expects to the point where her usage of y’all is overused and her southern angry girl has jumped out. She has a bit of a breakdown and questions why she’s here in the first place, but then it’s Marcus to the rescue who pulls her aside and reminds her what the point of this show is. She ends up giving him the rose because he stepped up to the plate and handled himself with humility and courage. The poor girl does need a thicker skin if she’s going to make it through this show, every scandal can’t cause her to break down or it’s going to be a rough season ahead.

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