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The Bachelorette Week 2 Recap, 3 Men Eliminated, Craig Muhlbauer Sings to Redeem Himself, and Drama-Filled Previews

2nd one-on-one date at the Santa Anita Race Track

And we’re back for week 2 of The Bachelorette and Andi Dorfman’s attempt to find true love. There will be 2 one-on-ones this week and one group date. I’m really excited for the one-on-ones because it gives us a chance to get to know these boys much better. I was a bit perturbed to see that Eric Hill was given the first one-on-one, because more time with him on screen makes me feel uncomfortable due to his recent passing.
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Following the one-on-one date, Andi has her group date with 14 men. They join Andi, along with Sharelene and Kelly from last season’s The Bachelor, at a hip Hollywood nightclub, but they are in for a big surprise when they are met by members of a popular male exotic revue, “Hollywood Men,” who greet them with a racy performance that leaves everyone stunned. Andi reveals that this date is actually a special event for the charity “Bachelor Gives Back.”
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The second one-on-one is with Chris Soules. This one on one date is a day of horse racing at Santa Anita Park. The couple gets decked out in outfits reminiscent of the 1940’s. They settle into their VIP seats with mint juleps and binoculars ready to see if their bets pay off. Cute older couples talk to them about their first meeting stories and Chris asks them how they knew that they’d be together for the rest of their lives and the couple says, “You just know”. It’s a bit cliche, but also really cute and makes the outing very endearing. Chris keeps saying he feels like a winner and he’s quickly becoming a favorite due to his sweet and calm attitude which is just what Andi needs from the aftermath of Craig.

That night, they enjoy a special evening, of alone time where she mentions it’s refreshing to meet someone so genuine. Chris mentions that he felt inspired by the older couple and that’s what he wants to have in a relationship. Chris receives a rose and they end the date slow dancing to the songs of “This Wild Life” during a private concert.

At the cocktail party, the men are nervous as always to try and get alone time with her. Nick V gives her a homemade date card saying ,’let’s get things popping’ which lead to them sharing champagne and strawberries. He’s definitely solidifying himself as a front-runner if he keeps up these cute actions. The men step it up tot try and impress Andi and it definitely seems to be working. Josh pulls her into a a slow dance and shares in one of the first kisses of the season. Craig tries to apologize for his bad behavior via song, but Andi is having none of it. And why should she? There are 19 men, vying for her attention. She needs to eliminate three. The worst part is he can’t even sing and it’s a made-up song. Thank god he is eliminated tonight.

Andi shouldn’t have had too much of a difficult time, deciding who should be eliminated during tonight’s episode. The heavy drinkers – Nick Sutter and Craig Muhlbauer are a no brainer. The third one, Carl King, may have been a bit more challenging of a choice, but it probably has to do with the amount of time she spent with him or the lack of chemistry.

It was a great first week with a promising start. Looks like next week is going to be full of drama with a 2-night bachelor event, so only going to be full of double the amount of fighting, yelling, and awkward conversations and I truly can’t wait.

The remaining men are: Andrew, Bradley, Brett, Brian, Chris, Cody, Dylan, Eric, JJ, Josh, Marcus, Marquel, Nick V, Tasos, Ron, and Patrick.

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