This week is hometown dates on “The Bachelorette” and Andi is heading to all four of the guys hometowns. It begins in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Nick and he shows her the sights of the city…complete with a cheese hat. They get a tour of the local brewery and try a beer called the “Nick and Andi,” complete with a bit of polka dance. They head off to meet his family and Nick drops a hint that she may feel a little overwhelmed.

Nick’s dad asks Andi what she first thought of Nick and he recalls how she gave him the first impression rose. Andi says how she feels like a bit of a deer in the headlights with the large family.

He begins discussing Andi with his sister individually who proceeds to tell Andi about the serious heartache Nick has felt in the past. Andi tells her that she can see a future with Nick and they discuss the vulnerability that can be experienced in any relationship. One of Nick’s little sisters has a long list of questions for Andi about Nick and tells her that she can “see a future with her brother.” Nick goes to talk to his sister and grill her about what she was able to remember asking Andi, which really isn’t much. Nick talks to his mom and says how he feels as though Andi is like the half of him that’s been missing. And Nick seems to think that he’s Andi’s favorite…okay. Nick makes it very well known how highly he regards his mother’s opinion. Then it’s goodbye until the rose ceremony, but not before they steal a few kisses after the family gives their blessing.





Andi then travels to Arlington, Iowa (with a population of less than 800) to meet Chris. Andi shows signs early on of her being anxious of actually living in that town but all is well when she sees Chris…who looks hot. She;s impressed by the amount of land he owns and the “big wheels” on the tractor. Chris then hands over the wheel to Andi who drives the tractor while sitting on Chris’ lap…you go farmer.

Chris talks about the lifestyle and his side of the world and acknowledges her amazing career. When asked what she would do here, Chris says that “there’s an opportunity to be a homemaker.”  Chris remarks during a picnic how he feels as though their love is “taking off” when a “Chris Loves Andi” sign goes floating by. Chris, no longer the secret admirer.

Then comes the family. There’s quite a few people to meet on this date as well.  Chris talks about their date in the field and the family all goes “aww” in unison. There’s some family bragging coming from Chris’ sisters as well about how much of a hard worker he is while Chris talks to his mother one-on-one. His mother says how there’s “no limits” to living on a farm and hopes it works out. Then his mothers says what beautiful children they would have after discussing having a career and family. “It doesn’t matter where you are,” his mom says.


The evening ends with Andi saying how she can really see a life with Chris. “Unbelievable….on Cloud 9.”

How to you think hometown dates went for Nick and Chris?