The six remaining men. Credit: 'The Bachelorette' Facebook page.
The six remaining men. Credit: ‘The Bachelorette’ Facebook page.

Nick, Dylan, Brian, and Chris get the group date in the countryside of Belgium. There’s a rose so Andi thinks that’s very important since next week is hometown dates. Nick says how his opinion on group dates has not changed.

The guys pedal Andi up the hill and they all try to play a game to pass the time. They play a rhyming game so that’s fun.

They come upon a monastery, hence the date card saying, “True love is sacred” since they’re on sacred ground. One rule: No kissing.

All the guys talk about how nervous they are about getting a rose. Andi reiterates how she discovered that Chris was her secret admirer (or not so secret anymore) and they have some quality time together making pottery. And according to Andi, “it’s steamy.” I don’t think so. They get all “flirty” with the clay. But then they start making out, which I’m pretty sure they had just said was against the rules but whatever.

Chris Harrison tweeted out a little hint to tonight’s episode. The whole men vs. Nick thing? A bit predictable. Nick is worried about getting the rose and the other guys are tired of hearing about his “strategy.”

Brian says he had a plan too but “screw it,” I guess he decides against it.

Nick also says the other guys don’t matter. Ouch. He says rather confidently that he will be going on a hometown date. The guys don’t like that comment but, nonetheless, Andi and Nick are the last two people to talk on the group date. Nick stumbles a bit on his words when he tries to tell Andi how he knows how she feels for him. Andi likes how Nick “makes her feel special.” Nick is just dying for that rose. The #TrustHim or #DumpHim game is getting real serious.

The group rose goes to Nick and the three other men are definitely not happy with that decision. He’s feeling very confident and he says that confidence is “now at its peak.” Nick even says how bold of a move it was for Andi and how much he appreciates it. While the other guys walk away, Brian says it was “like a dagger to the heart” not to get the rose and they proceed to have many “bleep-worthy” moments on the ride back.  Everyone now thinks Nick is a snake and “playing the game” really well.

Nick is feeling really excited and Andi reminds him that not only did he get the hometown rose but also the first impression rose. Back at the hotel, the guys are still sulking and express their frustrations to Josh and Marcus. They’re obviously very annoyed over his “strategizing” and thinks that he will just walk away if he’s one of the final two.

Outside, Nick and Andi continue their date and have a word game again. And Nick asks “big or small.” What? Lenient or disciplinarian is the next question and they actually start talking about what they would be like with kids. Well, that escalated quickly. Surprise time! They go to watch the fireworks and Nick says what a physical connection they have and how they can;t keep their hands off each other. Aw, how romantic…Andi can see him until the end as well.

Drama, drama, drama.  I think the five other guys are actually being a little obsessive over Nick. Everything erupts when Nick gets back to the hotel room and it is AWKWARD. No one says a word at first until Brian speaks up. The guys tell him they all feel how they don’t trust him and are annoyed by his “overconfidence.” Do you think Nick is playing it like a game? The guys seem to think so because they feel as though he talks more about strategy then Andi. Nick seems insulted that his legitimacy is being questioned and he tries to make the truth known. Nick says again how confident he is that he will end up with Andi.

They’re all wondering if what they say to Andi at this point will change her opinion on them. All of them then discuss where their hometowns are and what their feelings are over the rose ceremony tonight. Nick steals Andi away from Brian, even though he has a rose then gets all emotional in front of the camera.

Chris then says he wants ask one more question and we discover that’s why Andi says “You go farmer.” Chris and Andi have a little along time kissing. How sweet. Chris Harrison takes her away in anticipation of the rose ceremony.

The remaining four, who get to go on hometown dates next week, are:

  • Nick
  • Josh
  • Marcus
  • Chris

Brian and Dylan say their emotional goodbyes and anticipation now surrounds hometown dates next week, ya’ll.