'The Bachelorette' Facebook page
‘The Bachelorette’ Facebook page

After the commercial break and disruption from someone in the audience, you can see they’re still talking. She gives him her number and hopes to get a date from him. Andi then makes her appearance. So many questions to be asked.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had this many exes in one room,” Andi says and adds how sorry she apparently feels. She talks to Chris first about how she enjoyed their hometown date but that she couldn’t even see herself getting to Iowa. She says how much she appreciated his kindness. It opens on Marcus too and he asks her if he scared her off with his openness. She responds that she just wasn’t on the same page and that she deserved someone who was. Andi says how she wanted to send the guys home as soon as she didn’t see a future with them, after Cody questioned her. Marquel asks her why they couldn’t get out of the friend-zone and if she was “too shy” to kiss him. Nick S. even says how he felt as though Andi’s guard was up the first evening. Everyone else is pretty much just waiting for the bloopers, lie detector results and finding out whether Andi is pregnant or not.


“Are you or aren’t you,” Harrison asks in regards to whether Andi is pregnant. She says how it was all made up and she just “laughed at it.” Harrison shocks Andi with the news that he made a duplicate of the men’s lie detector tests. Andi had torn them up in Italy but Harrison of course made a copy. Brian was completely truthful, as was JJ and Chris. Marcus, Dylan and Josh had lied in some of their questions. Marcus’ question was whether he had slept with less than 20 women, which was a lie. Dylan told the truth about the hand-washing thing but lied about the fact that he preferred brunettes. Oops. He lied about being ready for marriage too. Josh told two lies on the test and Andi wonders whether she should hear the results. Brian and Dylan say to just trust him and rip it up.

Blooper reel time! The behind-the-scenes hilarity definitely had some laugh-out-loud moments, including using nose spray during her interview. It is also filled with Josh riding a toy pony, camera crew members destroying some plates during Nick’s hometown date, champagne being spilled on Andi during a toast and much more.



Highlights of Josh and Nick are the last to be shown. Andi’s initial stereotyping of Josh is shown but then displays how she opens up. Nick’s highlights include his first-impression rose and the strong feelings he has for her. Also, all the “I love you” moments.


Harrison delivers Andi a message from one of her final two men in the last minute. Hmm, what could it be…

Who do you think will receive the final rose next week – Josh or Nick?