The live show begins with an update from Nick. He says how he didn’t see it coming, even expresses how difficult it was making that transition back to the “real world.” Nick’s mother even says how Nick deserves answers because he is holding so much inside of himself. *cue “Let It Go*

Nick contacts Harrison about trying to speak with Andi. Pouring salt on the wounds, Harrison asks whether he knew she choose Josh. Of course! It all went down during the Men Tell All and, at that point, Andi isn’t ready to speak to Nick. You know that letter that Harrison mysteriously delivered last week? Yeah, it was from Nick. He hopes his letter could change things. They can’t hold off being face-to-face for much longer.

Enter Nick–heartbroken and all. Harrison asks what was going through Nick’s mind that day in the Dominican Republic. He says he felt confused and blindsided. Despite Nick being onstage, Harrison points out how the Men Tell All was not the first time Nick tried contacting Andi. When asked by Harrison if he thinks Andi made the wrong decision, surprisingly, Nick says how great a guy Josh is but that he will “always wonder.”

Instead of going right to Andi and Nick’s interaction, it instead switches to Most Bleachable Moment and ding, ding, ding…it is Nick’s silent treatment that he received from the men after his date with Andi.

The time then comes for Andi and Nick to once again come face-to-face. Awkward. Nick shows his genuine feelings, expresses his feelings over the season and says that it’s hard watching it back. Andi even tells Harrison that she didn’t love Nick and was “very careful” not to tell him that. If she wasn’t in love with him, he wonders why she made love to him. Wow. She considers that very below the belt and things continue to get even more awkward.


Harrison ends it by saying that he hoped Nick got some closure.

Now we can freely discuss Andi and Josh’s engagement, but not before a “Bachelor In Paradise” preview. And talk about drama, this new show definitely looks like it has plenty. It premieres next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Andi and Josh are finally shown for the first time together in public. He says how they really are best friends and how great it feels to be open about the relationship now. Josh even adds how they’re “madly in love.”  They’re all smiles. When asked about their future, they say how they want to enjoy their engagement and get married.

Harrison even surprises everyone with the “Andi frown.” They bring out Grumpy Cat to commemorate her face. How adorable. Andi even ends the evening with a frown and a “stop.”

Do you think Nick went too far with his comment?