After the final dates, it’s decision time-there’s the possibility for Andi to get engaged. Andi starts talking about the reasons that she really likes both of the men.

Nick says he’s going to do what’s in his heart yet has an overwhelming feeling. Josh doesn’t fail to bring baseball into the conversation again, as he says how he’s had a lot of “big days” in his life. Josh is even shown picking out a shimmering engagement ring for Andi. Andi visits Nick in his hotel room…and then of course the moment is brought back to the live stage in Los Angeles. Ooh, suspenseful.

Before we find out why Andi mysteriously and unexpectedly knocked on Nick’s door, Harrison speaks with some previous bachelorettes and bachelors, including Clare and Chris. Then someone so inconspicuously asks when the next bachelor is being announced. Harrison says how it is to be named later in the show. Can’t wait any longer.

Oh, and commercials…

There’s definite tension in the room as they show Andi and Nick together. Andi said she woke up that morning feeling like something “wasn’t right and doesn’t want to go through with something that doesn’t feel right.” Curveball.

Nick is absolutely caught off guard and wonders how she could have acted the way she did without feeling something. Nick even tells Andi that he thinks she took certain things “too far.” So it’s all over between Andi and Nick but not before it ends with a cold, awkward, one-armed hug. How completely fitting that it’s raining too. Nick even throws away his rose. His face just screams, “what just happened?!” Nick leaves expressing how confident he was and how he’s feeling like a fool. How emotional.

So Nick is the one that has been following Andi, as predicted by many on Twitter. I wonder why she didn’t want to have a conversation with him as well…that ends tonight.

The time arrives to see if Andi gets a proposal from Josh or leaves heartbroken.


While it’s pretty evident that Josh loves Andi and will propose to her, the decision lies in Andi’s hands. How would Josh’s speech be complete without referencing his first love of baseball though? Josh gives a very eloquent speech to Andi and says how he feels like he’s the only one that can make her smile the way she does.


She says how much of a journey it has been and she tells him how scared she’s been since she met him. Andi finally says those words: how much she loves him and he is the one! (And apparently the one she wants to have babies with as well.) He gets down on one knee and proposes with that oh-so-stunning ring. Andi and Josh are officially engaged.

“Josh, will you accept this final rose?” ends the romantic moment between the newly engaged couple, complete with a sunset over the water.

Was that how you were expecting the finale to end?