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‘The Bachelor’ Twitter

“Tonight’s a big night,” Chris says as Whitney and his date resumes. He takes the time before the fantasy suite to talk with her about her career and whether she is ready to give all that up.

Whitney admits to Chris how hard it is to be apart and Chris questions her about Iowa. Whitney has not seen Arlington since her date with Chris was in Des Moines. He tells her that there is literally nothing to do. She tells Chris that she has worked hard to be where she is but that she ultimately wants to be a wife and mother. She would leave her career behind to begin a whole new one in Arlington.

He offers her the key to the fantasy suite and she accepts. He’s ready to “take things to the next level.” The super romantic evening takes a turn to the suite, as Chris closes the curtains.

The final date of the episode takes Becca and Chris for a hike, as Chris adds that it’s like his “second home.” Becca is still wondering when to tell Chris that she is a virgin.

Becca says that she is falling in love with Chris…but hey, so are the other two. They take a trip to a medium and Chris asks if they are meant to be together. She asks for advice about the date and the answer is, “Making love.” Chris obviously likes that answer.

Then it’s Becca’s turn to say that she is falling in love with Chris. Déjà vu much?

Becca opens up in her interview how she wants to wait until marriage to have sex but, hey, it could still happen tonight. Chris expresses his concern over the fact that Becca has never been in love.

Becca talks about how nervous she was upon first seeing Arlington and then makes a swift transition into asking him how he really feels about her. Chris wants to “get to know Becca on a whole different level.”

Becca doesn’t get the chance to tell him that she is a virgin before he presents her with the fantasy suite envelope. Oops.

Though anxious, Becca ultimately decides to tell Chris her secret, but not until they get to the suite. After beating around the bush for a bit, she tells him. He tells her that he respects that, but that it still surprises him.

Now she’s ready for some alone time…

Who do you think will get sent home?